Seiche Productions

A seiche is a standing wave produced in a body of water: bathtub, swimming pool, harbor, lake, or ocean.  A small amount of wind, if timed just right, can in this way make big waves that seem to come out of nowhere.

Small actions, if timed right and applied in the right place, can have large impacts.  That's what we try to do at Seiche Productions.

Making Waves

Seiche Productions wants to make a difference in whatever way we can.  If at all possible, we want to effect change.  If that's not in the cards, we will raise funds for amazing organizations and inspire others to help out however they can.  If that is too grand a plan, we will do our best to inform and educate.  If all we can do is bear witness, we will be there to bear witness.

You can't make waves if you never try to.

About Seiche Productions

Seiche Productions creates theatre and published works that seek to push us to deeper understanding and greater empathy.  Past shows have included a play about environmental destruction that took place on a beach that faces past and future degradation, an award-winning piece about alienation and punks, a set of works that looked at America one year after 9/11, and more.  Published works include poetry collections about environmental issues.